The Final Yards

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The Final YardsBy cole Posted in  Muscle Car Review  | 22 Apr 2011

The final yards of a paint job come once you have all of the sheet metal replacement work done, the dents are straightened and the body filler is sanded. But you’re still a bit away from the in zone. The last stages before paint are critical to executing a top-quality job that’s going to look great close up as well as far away, and last for years or decades to come.

In this final phase, we will cover block sanding. This is where the fingerprints will disappear from your hands and you’ll saturate your clothes with sanding dust. It’s also what makes the difference between a pretty straight car and an arrow-straight car. Block sanding uses layer of primers to fill in extremely small differences in height along the length of a body panel, and it may expose some spots that actually need a little more body work.