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The Hard Way

Here are some of the more recent articles that our team has created and/or placed in a variety of publications.

The Hard WayBy cole Posted in  Popular Hot Rodding  | 16 Jun 2012

Anyone can build a Chevy, but it takes a unique person to build an off-brand. There we said it. It’s out in the open. You can argue all you want, but talk to anyone who builds a non-mainstream muscle car and they will quickly tell you that they have to be way more creative and resourceful to build a red-headed step-child from the same era as your Chevelle or Camaro. Of course, that’s also the exact same argument that Chevy guys will use to justify their marque of choice – it’s easier and more affordable, so they can concentrate on take the car tothe next level. Jimi Day did not only took his ’69 AMC AMX that he affectionately calls AMXess to the next level, he did so with a car that is rare to see in any form.

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