Email Marketing Campaigns

The right email message delivered at the right time can be very effective marketing. We know how to craft and deploy email campaigns that work for the performance automotive and off-road industries!

The people who have given you their email address are the best business leads you have. They are either existing customers who already like your brand, or someone has signed up to learn more about your company and products. Use email campaigns effectively to regularly communicate with them. We have the content creators on staff to craft effective emails that connect with your customers and keep them engaged with your brand.

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Newsletter Email Campaigns


In our experience with clients in the performance automotive and off-road industry, newsletters are the most read and most-effective type of email campaign. The key is to include good information that is relative to your audience in addition to information on your products and what your company is doing. Tech tips, how-tos, links to helpful videos, what events your company will attend next and a product highlight or two. Tracking multiple links in the email will tell you what people are interested in learning more about, and with our systems, we can help you follow up with specific people on specific topics that they express an interest in.

Email Special Offers

Special Offers

Everyone likes hearing about a deal or a special offer on a product they are interested in. Email campaigns are a very low-cost method of spreading the news of the latest sale, rebate or other promotion to a list of already qualified leads. And they can share the information with others they know who may also be interested. We make the call-to-action clear in the email and trackable so you will know exactly how many (and who) is interested enough to learn more. By comparing click-through to purchases, you can send follow up emails those who are still somewhere in the sales funnel, hopefully moving them along the path to purchase.

Email Marketing

The CQ Marketing Difference

We craft campaigns that connect with the target audience. We know the industries that we service very well because we are enthusiasts and we’re marketing experts. We also use email campaign platforms that provide excellent tracking and reporting that gives us and our clients insight into how people engage with the content. We can then develop follow up emails and send them only to people who took a particular action, providing more information or with a stronger call-to-action, bring them closer to purchase. We can also do A-B testing on subject lines and even entire email content to maximize the results of every campaign we create.