Video brings your company and your products to life. From brand-building to company overviews to product installations, video is a growing medium that successful companies use to communicate with potential customers.

Videos can be exciting and entertaining. They can also be informative. But they must be done well to represent your brand and to be shared. Company and product overview videos are extremely useful for setting yourself apart from your competition. Instructional videos can save your customer service and tech lines hours per week, and they help conversion rates as people gather information to make a purchase decision. Video is also a key tool on social media, sharing experiences and engaging your audience.

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Company Videos

We can script, produce, shoot and edit all of your company’s video. We ensure credibility and accuracy, because we know the automotive industry.

The internet has increased the demand for quality video almost as much as the television itself. It’s the best way to share brand experiences and product information, giving dynamic dimension to your company and its products.

Video content is also ranked highly in search engines, especially Google, which owns YouTube. By embedding proper keywords in your online video post, we can increase your ranking in searches, reaching more potential customers

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos provide two very important functions for your company. First, a potential customer will often want to understand what is involved in the installation of your product before making a purchase decision. A high-quality video will show them what they’ll need to do or what they will pay a professional shop for. We will show the quality of your product and enhance your company image by providing great installation information.

Second, instructional videos save you time and money. Ask your customer service staff how much time they spend answering the same questions. Those questions can be answered in the videos, reducing calls and reducing your customer service costs.

Advertising and High-end Videos

We have a full-range of video equipment in-house to manage everything from capturing car action with GoPro® cameras to quick social media video production to HD cameras and microphones. We also use the latest Adobe Premiere professional editing software and can output final video in just about any format imaginable.

For advertising and network-quality video, we’ve partnered with one of the best automotive-experienced companies in the industry. The video above demonstrates some of this company’s capabilities and past work. Whether you’re looking for quick video clips to drive engagement through social media or you’re ready for high-end video, we can meet your needs.