We Are The Anti-Agency

No hourly billing. No retainer. No surprises. Just results.

Most agencies require a retainer and they focus on billable hours. We focus on your goals: if you are successful, then we are too! We set prices for our services and zero in on your long-term success. Contact Us Today to learn what we can do for your company!

How It Works

CQ Marketing LLC is available to work on one-time projects or to handle your marketing needs on-going. We have helped clients get started with a single monthly service, and we have several clients that use CQ Marketing LLC as their complete marketing department.

We are scalable to meet your needs today and tomorrow, without requiring you to pay for un-used overhead.

Whether you’re looking for a one-time project or on-going service, we will work with you to outline the goals and a path to achieve those goals. Then we provide you with an estimate of costs up front.

If you’re looking for on-going services, like content marketing, managing social media channels or media buys, we draft a contract with agreed on responsibilities and tasks. There’s a set price so you can budget and manage expectations. You’ll never be caught off-guard by the bill.

Here’s a surprise you might like, though: Our first service is free! You wouldn’t buy a new car without test driving it first so we’re offering your first service (one service only, up to $2,000 in value) to you for free!

There’s no cost to you to take us for a spin and experience what real automotive marketing feels like! Schedule your free consultation to get things started.

Free Marketing Consultation

Our Experience

CQ Marketing LLC provides a full range of marketing services based on more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. What sets us apart from competitors is:

  • An unbeatable mix of experience serving Fortune 500 companies as well as the performance aftermarket
  • We are truly experts in the full range of marketing services: We are not a advertising agency trying to offer social media service or vice versa
  • We are automotive enthusiasts who are experts in marketing – we know how to reach your target customer, how to talk to them and what selling points are going to close the sale
  • We offer pricing on world-class marketing service that makes sense for the aftermarket automotive segment

We provided service to startups and Fortune 500 firms: no company is too big or too small. We’ve worked for global auto makers, tier 1 auto suppliers, performance automotive manufacturers, off-road companies and military suppliers. Imagine what we can do for your company! Click the button below to download our list of services, and contact us today for a free consultation!

What We Offer