Social Media

Social media is much more than having a Facebook fan page. It’s about cultivating an online community. Conversations within that community. And activating that community to tell your story.

Social Media is also one of the most powerful and effective ways to use word-of-mouth marketing on a global scale.  We can create a social media program that works for your company, whether that means getting you started or handling every detail in an ongoing campaign!


Social Media

Successful social media programs leverage the platforms that best connect you to your potential customers. Extraordinary ones go beyond this to grow advocates who then share your content with their followers.

We’ll help you determine which social media platforms will be best for you. Facebook, twitter, Instagram flickr, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest are the current giants, but there are dozens more that may be useful. We can establish accounts for you and create a plan to build your audience and fill your channels with greatcontent! Social media platforms evolve constantly: CQ Marketing can provide the mix of design, content and moderating conversations to keep your business relevant.

Most companies have great stories to tell. Information to share about their products. Instructional how-tos. Adventures to share. The best  way to do this online is with your own blog. Call it an online magazine, or simply another tab on your current website. But this is where you can tell your stories and share information. Eachpost becomes a topic to syndicate through social media, bringing people (potential customers) to your website. And they can share with their audience, bringing even more people to your website. Search engines love this type of regular published content, raising your company name, products and links in search engine rankings, bringing in still more people!

We also offer programs to help you make the most of forums. These are filled with enthusiasts who are potential customers. We work with the forums to represent your company and make sure that your company and products part of the conversation.

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