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Barn Find Revival

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Barn Find Revival
Barn Find RevivalBy cole Posted in  Muscle Car Review  | 26 Aug 2012

Think about all the ways that a car ends up sitting in a barn, garage or backyard. Best intentions. Someone’s dream car waiting until they have enough time and money to build it right. Or an older person’s car that just quit running and got pushed aside. There are dozens of stories that we’ve heard and, frankly,we love them all! It’s what most muscle car enthusiasts dream of! A rare dual-quad Hemi car covered in an inch of dust and cobwebs, a 409 4-speed Impala hidden in a leaning garage next to an abandoned house or a 429 Galaxie doubling as a shelf in the back of a forgotten section of a warehouse.

What happens if you do score one of the dreams? There are two paths you can take. One is to take the car apart and launch into a full-blown restoration. Theother option is to dust the sleeping beauty off, put some air in the tires and drive that thing! This is a big temptation with cars that are survivors – in pretty good shape and not so degraded or modified that they need a restoration – and also with cars that perhaps aren’t as rare or valuable, but just as cool as a vintage driver.