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50 Years of Cooling Performance
50 Years of Cooling PerformanceBy cole Posted in  Power and Performance News  | 26 Nov 2012

Performance cooling is the foundation of Flex-a-lite. In 1962, Eddy Davis founded the company with the original “flex fan” concept. Fifty years later, his Granddaughter, Lisa Chissus leads the company with the same innovative spirit that continuously looks for new ways to provide performance cooling solutions.

Throughout 2012, Flex-a-lite has been celebrating 50 years of cooling performance, and the fact that they are still makin’ it in the USA. That celebration will culminate at the 2012 SEMA Show with an new display located at booth number 22513. The display will pay homage to the company’s rich history in the performance aftermarket, and the company will introduce a dozen new performance cooling products. In addition, Flex-a-lite will also have its mobile museum on

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Which is Better – an Electric or Belt-driven Fan?
Which is Better – an Electric or Belt-driven Fan?By cole Posted in  Power and Performance News  | 18 Jul 2012

Deciding whether an electric fan or a belt-driven fan is best in a specific application can be a difficult call to make. Flex-a-lite manufactures both, so they were able to offer some unbiased information on this topic.

Naturally, which fan is better depends on your application and how you plan to use your car. The full answer to this question is that bothelectric and belt-driven fans have their place. Which one is better depends largely on the specific application.

An electric fan is the better performance solution, freeing up maximum horsepower and mpg. But it’s not always the better cooling solution.And certain electric fans move enormous amounts of air, even when the engine is idling, providing a cooling solution. It all depends on the application. Let’s dive

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