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One Day EFI
One Day EFIBy cole Posted in  Four Wheeler  | 26 Aug 2012

Bigger, better, faster and it will make you better looking! We’ve heard a lot of promises and claims in our time, and most of them we go by without the slightest temptation. But when MSD launched its Atomic EFI, claiming to make electronic fuel injection (EFI) conversion easy and fast, it got our attention.

In the past couple of years, there have been a few EFI systems introduced that promised easy installation and laptop-free tuning. In fact, they claim to be self-tuning. These are throttle-body based systems, bolting on in place of a four-barrel carburetor. They don’t have to control the ignition system. And they don’t require a degree in air/fuel ratio technology to tune. All of that sounded too good to be true, so we decided to put one of them to the test.

Keeping Your Cool
Keeping Your CoolBy cole Posted in  Four Wheeler  | 18 Jul 2012

Blowing off steam can be fun. Unless it’s your engine that’s blowing the steam. Many people view a cooling system as a necessary evil, building the rest of your 4×4 with sexy parts and then dealing with an overheating problem. But being nervous with an engine that tends to run hot takes the fun out of a trail ride, and overheating can leave you stranded and potentially damage engine parts.

If you approach the cooling system with the same enthusiasm as you do an axle upgrade, you can be rewarded with a dependable system that you will never haveto worry about. You may also be able to gains some performance and fuel economy while you’re at it!

Let There be Light!By cole Posted in  Four Wheeler  | 20 Mar 2012

Nothing changes your perspective on nighttime ‘wheeling or even just driving down paved roads like a good set of lights. And unless you’redriving a brand new $50,000 4×4, your factory lights suck in comparison to what is available. There are multiple ways to put more light infront of your 4×4, including off-road lights and headlight upgrade kits. But these can range from $40 to over $500, so it pays to know a little bit about the technology before whipping out the platinum credit card.

First, the basics. In most vehicle lights, electricity flows through a thin piece of metal called a filament just like the soon-to-be-outlawed incandescent light bulbs in your house. The metal heats up almost to the point of melting, and the resulting glow puts the light in your lights. Th

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15 Things Every 4×4 Should Carry Off RoadBy cole Posted in  Four Wheeler  | 17 Mar 2012

The only thing worse than being out on the trail with someone who isn’t prepared is when that someone is you! Being the guy borrowing tools to air down tires, the one without a tow-strap attachment point anywhere on his vehicle or bumming beers off us when the day of off-roading is done isn’t going to win you any friends. We’ll put one of the core unwritten rules in writing: bring the stuff you need to be self-sufficient.

How much stuff you need is dependent on what type of four wheeling you like to do and how frequently you break parts on your rig. But there are a few things that should be in every 4×4 every time. By doing so, it will completely remove unnecessary hassle and inconvenience forthe whole group. Don’t get us wrong, working together to overcome big challe

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LS Engines: Dream Swap or Nightmare?By cole Posted in  Four Wheeler  | 20 Dec 2011

Sometimes the stuff we dream about turns out to be a nightmare. Like chasing after that hot cheerleader only to realize that she’s high maintenance or the football coach in drag. That often can happen to us as we pursue components for our 4x4s that we think will make us the cool kid on the block, and can easily be the case with engine swaps. The search for more power, lighter weight and cool looks can be very costly, and being fully educated before you make up your mind on the right powerplant for your off roader is one of the smartest things youcan do.

Right now, the hottest engine swap people are talking about are GM LS engines. They’ve been around for more than 10 years, they can make sick horsepower and the most desirable versions are all aluminum, giving you a weight

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Never Get Lost AgainBy cole Posted in  Four Wheeler  | 22 Nov 2009

The next generation may never know the comedy of this stereotype: The wife pleading with her husband to please just stop and ask directions, while he refuses and drives on aimlessly with one eye on a tattered map and the other on a sinking gas gauge. That’s because navigation systems that were once only offered in airplanes and luxury vehicles have matured into a pretty darn accurate technology within the reach of just about everyone.

The Wheel DealBy cole Posted in  Four Wheeler  | 22 Oct 2009

Wheels are probably one of the least understood and yet most important part of your 4×4′s drive system. Most of the time, people choose their wheels simply by what design looks good to them. While this is an important aspect, wheels perform a critical function.

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