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Mini Tub Hookup
Mini Tub HookupBy cole Posted in  Chevelle Magazine , Super Chevy  | 25 Jun 2013

Most of us have wished for a little more tire under our Chevelle at one point or another. Between creating a very serious look, improving straight-line acceleration and improving corner-gripping capability, adding a couple of inches of rubber outback is a very appealing modification. What if we told you that you could make this possible without cutting off the back half of your frame? Enter ABC Performance. This company has created several innovative components and kits for ’64-’72 Chevelles. One of them is a Mini Tub Frame Kit that comes with all of the pieces you’ll need to move the rear framerails in board approximately 2 inches, allowing you to fit a 315/30ZR18 under a ‘66-‘72 Chevelle, and a 335/30ZR18 under the tighter ’64-’65 cars.