LS Engines: Dream Swap or Nightmare?

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LS Engines: Dream Swap or Nightmare?By cole Posted in  Four Wheeler  | 20 Dec 2011

Sometimes the stuff we dream about turns out to be a nightmare. Like chasing after that hot cheerleader only to realize that she’s high maintenance or the football coach in drag. That often can happen to us as we pursue components for our 4x4s that we think will make us the cool kid on the block, and can easily be the case with engine swaps. The search for more power, lighter weight and cool looks can be very costly, and being fully educated before you make up your mind on the right powerplant for your off roader is one of the smartest things youcan do.

Right now, the hottest engine swap people are talking about are GM LS engines. They’ve been around for more than 10 years, they can make sick horsepower and the most desirable versions are all aluminum, giving you a weight savings on the nose of your truck or Jeep. And it’s aChevy engine, so it is an easy swap, right? You might think that if you already have a small-block Chevy in your 4×4, an LS will bolt right in. That’s where not being completely educated can turn this dream date into painful and costly experience.

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