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Recent Articles

Here are some of the more recent articles that our team has created and/or placed in a variety of publications.

Make It RunBy cole Posted in  Jp  | 07 Mar 2010

The age-old issue of a vehicle sitting idle way longer than intended. This article shows the steps you should go through to clean the rat’s next out of the air cleaner and revive an engine. Particular care is taken to minimize damage to the engine components and maximize the likelihood of it actually running.

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Form & FunctionBy cole Posted in  Chevy High-Performance  | 22 Feb 2010

Pro Touring has been around for quite a few years, and it is quickly becoming the standard to build your Chevy to. While the name of the game with Pro Touring is an emphasis on turning and braking, in addition to the acceleration you expect from a muscle car, form is often compromised in the process. After all, blending a 40-year-old car with the performance of a modern-day sports sedan is quite a mechanical challenge. In this instance, Tony Grzelakoswki built one of the best executed Pro Touring ’66 Chevelles that we’ve seen, with immaculate bodywork, loads of thoughtful details and inspiring performance eon the road course.

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Frankenmuth AutoFestBy cole Posted in  Hot Rod  | 07 Feb 2010

A full-page of event coverage was included in this issue’s collection of random things of interest to Hot Rod magazine readers. The photography is from the Frankenmuth Auto Fest, a car gathering in Frankenmuth, Michigan, that thousands of cars in a picturesque Bavarian farm town.

Wrangler Tuner ShootoutBy cole Posted in  Jp  | 22 Dec 2009

We’ve seen all the advertisements and heard all of the pitches. How these aftermarket programmers can add 25 horsepower instantly, increase fuel economy and make you better looking. So, we decided to pull together all of the programmers and power modules available for a nearly-new Jeep Wrangler and test the things that you’re probably wondering about if you are the inking of about buying one of these.

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Never Get Lost AgainBy cole Posted in  Four Wheeler  | 22 Nov 2009

The next generation may never know the comedy of this stereotype: The wife pleading with her husband to please just stop and ask directions, while he refuses and drives on aimlessly with one eye on a tattered map and the other on a sinking gas gauge. That’s because navigation systems that were once only offered in airplanes and luxury vehicles have matured into a pretty darn accurate technology within the reach of just about everyone.

Muscle Cars at Meadow BrookBy cole Posted in  Muscle Car Review  | 07 Nov 2009

Coverage of an event within an event. The Meadow brook Concours d’Elegance attracts some of the finest historic automobiles in the world. It’s also host to one of the premiere RM Auctions. For the past couple of years, it has welcomed significant muscle cars, both production cars and rare race vehicles.

Bitten by the BoostBy cole Posted in  Popular Hot Rodding  | 07 Nov 2009

An interesting story about a high-school shop car that graduated to a turbo-charged looker. This story was written by Cole using photography and information provided by the magazine editor, in addition to interviewing the owner of the car.

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Making CV Joints LiveBy cole Posted in  Off-Road  | 07 Nov 2009

For owners of IFS trucks, CV joints are a necessary evil. This article looks at why they fail, and some of the new components that can survive some of the toughest abuse off-road folks can dish out.

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The Wheel DealBy cole Posted in  Four Wheeler  | 22 Oct 2009

Wheels are probably one of the least understood and yet most important part of your 4×4′s drive system. Most of the time, people choose their wheels simply by what design looks good to them. While this is an important aspect, wheels perform a critical function.

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