Barn Revival, Part III

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Barn Revival, Part III
Barn Revival, Part IIIBy cole Posted in  Muscle Car Review  | 20 Oct 2012

That first drive of a rescued barn find is like nothing else. It has the combined emotion of driving a new car for the first time, a rush down memory lane and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve put a classic muscle car back on the road. Unlike a complete restoration, the car will likely have some quirks that have accumulated naturally with age, and it will definitely have the look, feel and smell of an old car, not one of fresh paint and new interior components.

If you’ve followed this barn-find revival for the past two months, you already know that we’re showing the steps that will be typical in putting a car back on the road safely that’s been sitting for 20-plus years. The car we’re using for this series is a ’63 Chevy II. In addition to repairing decaying and defective parts, we also upgraded the car from 4-lug to five, and replaced the front drum brakes with a disc brake system.