Life-changing Tools

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Life-changing Tools
Life-changing ToolsBy cole Posted in  Muscle Car Review  | 26 Nov 2012

There are only a few tools you can add to your collection that can take your car-building capability to a significantly higher level. A new set of sockets –nice. Torque wrench – must have. Dial calipers – fancy. But the segment of tools we’re talking about here moves you from a bolt-on restorer to a fabricator:MIG welders.

More than any other tool we can think of, a MIG welder opens the door for a hobbyist car wrencher to become a fabricator. It makes sheetmetal repairs possible. It allows you to create something from a pile of steel. You can even use a MIG welder to repair cracks in your riding lawn mower’s deck. In fact, you may become the most popular neighbor on the block.