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Dents be Gone!

Here are some of the more recent articles that our team has created and/or placed in a variety of publications.

Dents be Gone!By cole Posted in  Muscle Car Review  | 22 Apr 2011

As Tony Grzelakowski at Advanced Body and Color likes to say, “The paint quality follows the body work.” What that means is that the best paint job in the world only look as good as the body work below it. Getting the surface perfectly flat and blending in body work is where you should spend most of your time in prepping your muscle car for paint. That prep is made up of sheetmetal replacement, dent repair and block sanding. This article will give you the basics you’ll need to tackle dent repair.

While there are techniques to removing dents and waviness in metal panels, what is really required is patience. Unlike bolting on an intake manifold, there is not a step-by-step process is guaranteed to make a panel arrow straight. It takes practice and patience. Some areas may take only an hour to massage into place while others might fight you for a day or more. Keep at it, and when you get frustrated, walk away and take a break.