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Chemistry Class

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Chemistry ClassBy cole Posted in  Muscle Car Review  | 22 Apr 2011

Between bench racing at car shows and reading a little bit about paint chemicals, it’s pretty easy to become completely confused when it comes time to choose paint for our car. You’ll have people waxing on about the unmatched beauty of a hand-rubbed lacquer paint job offset by someone who loves the latest acrylic urethane two-stage system. Everyone has their favorite brand and line. Most of the literature you’ll find on automotive refinish products is written for professionals and environmental regulatory bodies. Oh, and paint is only one of about 10 products you’re going to need before all is said and done.

So we’ve put together this brief, um, primer, on paint chemicals. We used all PPG products on the car we show in this section, and we’ll stick with their product line to explain what you need to know.