Metal Surgery

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Metal SurgeryBy cole Posted in  Muscle Car Review  | 22 Apr 2011

If you’re doing paint and body work on your muscle car, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll need to replace some sheet metal. Simply put, ifthe paint is questionable, the foundation under the paint is probably a bit shaky in at least a couple of spots. Rust has a way of workingbehind the scenes to eat holes in your precious car, and you may also uncover some previous repairs that it is now time to fix the right way.

There’s a plethora of reproduction sheetmetal available today, so it’s usually just a matter of realizing what you need to replace and then placing the order. Of course, new sheetmetal doesn’t fit old cars perfectly. Bolt on parts like fenders and doors need massaging to match your 45 year-old car, and weld-in parts need cutting and usually a little shaping to blend in. That’s all part of the deal. Realize it before you make the purchase to save time and drama later.