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Upgrade or Replace?

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Upgrade or Replace?
Upgrade or Replace?By cole Posted in  Jp  | 24 Jul 2014

There are only three types of JK Dana 44 front axles: bent ones, ones that will be bent and those under Jeeps that will never go off road. No one likes throwing away money. And that’s exactly what you fear when considering whether to upgrade your stock axle or replace it with a new aftermarket housing.

We talked to Mel Wade at Off Road Evolution to supplement our own good and bad experiences with these front axles and help you make the right decision for your JK. Mel sells complete Dynatrac ProRock44 axles as well as axle sleeves and gusset kits for stock axle housings. There are couple of factors that drive him to suggest one solution over the other to best match his customers’ needs.